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Quick Valour-IT Update

I've updated the Valour-IT thermometer over on the right side there.  I think it looks a bit nicer than the original version.

To this point the Navy is pretty much destroying everybody in terms of fund raising.  They've raised almost as much as the other four services combined.  The Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard have combined to raise $17,078 to this point, while the Navy alone has managed to raise $15,719.

Again, all of the money raised by Valour-IT all ends up going to the same place. . .but by God, I don't want the Navy stomping a mudhole in my beloved Air Force or anything like that.

Also, from looking at the Valour-IT home page, it appears that they have ways that you can adopt an individual soldier.  I've sent them an e-mail to inquire more into that, but that's something that I know I'd definitely be interested in.  How's about everybody else?

That's all. . .just wanted to get a quick update on what's going on in here.  Continue enjoying your Friday, folks!