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Jared Allen Fined, Not Suspended; Cook Out at RT

That's the word from Access Vikings.  Allen has been fined $25,000 by the league for his "vicious" hit on Aaron Rodgers, but won't miss any playing time due to a suspension.

Upon hearing the news, Rodgers apparently asked for his binky, a glass of warm milk, and for Mike McCarthy to read him Goodnight, Moon.  Again.

Also, in a move that's about a year and a half too late in coming, Ryan Cook is finally being removed from the starting lineup.  Artis Hicks, who filled in ably for Bryant McKinnie during his four-game absence, will start this Sunday against Jacksonville.  Remember, Cook was selected with the pick that was gained by trading Daunte Culpepper to Miami back in 2006.  Man, that deal certainly worked out well for everybody, didn't it?

(And props to Manimal for beating me to the Allen thing. . .stupid having to wait for a break at the day job to update the site.)