Vikings Thanksgiving Day Games

Anybody out there have any stories on the Thanksgiving Day games the Vikings have played in over the years?  I can think of at least five since 1969.  That year the Vikings played the Lions in a blizzard at the old Tiger Stadium and won 27-0.  The highlight of the game was a lateral by a Viking defender to another on a touchdown run off a fumble or interception (I'm getting old, can't remember which one or players involved).  This highlight still makes its way into footage shown of the Purple People Eaters on NFL films from time to time.  The Vikings also played the Cowboys during the 1987 season and won that one in overtime.  The Lions were brave enough to schedule the Purple again in the early 90's and again got totally dominated 20-3.  We didn't see another game on Turkey Day until 1998 when Randy Moss went berserk on the Cowboys for three touchdowns and a 44-34 win.  The last time the Vikes were on prime time for the big day was in 1990 when they once again beat the Cowboys in a driving rainstorm.  That's five appearances and five wins.  I guess that's why they're not scheduled anymore.  It seems to guarantee a loss for the home team in Detroit or Dallas.  Any thoughts out there?

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