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Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League: Down the Stretch They Come!

Well, things have certainly gotten quite interesting since the last time yours truly updated everyone on the status of the Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League.  There are two weeks remaining before the playoffs start, and only one team has assured themselves of a post-season spot to this point.  Let's take a look at things, shall we?

One of the more amazing stories of the past few weeks has been the blistering comeback by FSUViking's Garnet & Gold.  Having languished at the bottom of the league standings for much of the season, the erstwhile Florida Staters have put together an amazing five-game winning streak to put themselves back at .500 and in the hunt for a playoff berth.  Their most recent victory came at the expense of my Space Monkey Mafia, who put up what might be the lowest total of any team this season in Week 13 as they fell 77.65 - 39.65.  When nobody on your roster scores more than 10.9 points and your QB puts up negative points before getting benched, you know it's going to be a bad day.

The only team in the league thus far that HAS assured themselves of a playoff spot is UBB's Bombers.  They put a licking on Dani's Purple Team by a score of 111.75 - 76.95 to clinch the Page Division title and assure themselves of a place in the post-season.  None of the other three Page Division teams are eligible for the post-season.

If the playoffs were to start today, here's what the brackets would look like:

Winner's Bracket

First round byes - #1 PMak Attack, #2 UBB's Bombers

Wild-card round matchups - #6 whodat @ #3 Packers Suck, #5 dvikings1 @ #4 Angry Dragons

Consolation Bracket

First round byes - #7 Space Monkey Mafia, #8 Garnet and Gold

Wild-card round matchups - #12 Dani's Purple Team @ #9 Elvis Budweiser VIII, #11 Rabble Rousers @ #10 The Hamburglars

But, there are still two weeks for all of those things to be determined, so stay tuned and see what happens!  Again, only the bottom four seeds listed are ineligible for the winner's bracket thus far, and only one team has actually sewn up a spot.  It's going to be a fun last couple of weeks!