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Vikings 34, Bears 14: The View From The Top Is Nice

Breaking news story coming out of Chicago this evening. . .the Chicago Bears are no longer owned by the McCaskey family.  It turns out that the Chicago Bears are now owned by Adrian Peterson.

And to all the Bear fans that laughed and scoffed when the Vikings signed Bernard Berrian this off-season. . .go see how hard Charles Tillman is laughing right now.  That overrated schlub still has no idea where on earth Berrian went to.  If Tillman wants to find him, he can start by watching highlights of the 11th 99-yard play in National Football League history.  He may or may not actually appear in the frame, I'm not sure.

What a great Sunday of football. . .from the Packers urinating all over themselves during the early games to the Vikings dealing a division rival a Grade A butt-whomping this evening, it's a good day to be a fan of the Beloved Purple.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Minnesota Vikings are in first place in the NFC North.  Will it last for four more weeks?  Heck, I don't know. . .but I do know that it feels pretty damn good right now.

And, since I'm pretty positive that we set a site record for comments this evening, let me bust out the "roll" call for who participated in the thread and how many comments they had.  This is the first time I've had to break this out, and it's actually kind of cool to see.  Naturally, I had the most comments, but a lot of folks did a lot of contributing as well.  Here's the full tally as of about 30 seconds ago:

Total Users: 34
Total Posts: 931
Total Threads: 1


Name # of Posts
Gonzo 130
Mooninite 96
DBQViking 78
VikingBillArlingtonVA 68
speedlod 54
Frost 50
Murlock 48
vikingfiend 44
Tony_O 44
CitrusFLViking 40
DelawareBerserker 34
PJS 31
rencito 29
Gonzo2 21
Anxious 19
vikingfromkuwait 19
steezah 17
hickenizgriz 15
NativeViking 13
da2213viking 13
FarvaForTheVikings 10
jswen 10
SDviking 9
Skol Vikes 8
Andersklasen 8
Delta Dave 7
Schnick24 4
the Dragon 3
sle71r 3
rconner84 2
Norse Force 1
AustinVike 1
Macdaddy4508 1
Jimemort 1

Great job tonight, everybody!  There will be more about tonight's victory over the next day or two.