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Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League Update: Races Tightening

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after some of this week's results, the league is currently tighter than today's Presidential election (which, I hope, each and every one of you has gone out and voted in today).  The top six teams in the league all currently have exactly the same record!  What went down in Week 9?  Let's take a closer look.

I generally don't do this, but I'm going to start with my team.  Why?  Because my team knocked off UBB's Bombers, and UBB deserves to hear about it right up front, that's why.  (-:  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Space Monkey Mafia knocked off the reeling Bombers by a final score of 95.25 - 41.75.  The Mafia was led by strong performances from Donovan McNabb and the Steelers' defense, while the only double-digit scorer on the Bombers' side was the Tampa Bay defense.  The Mafia and the Bombers are two of the six teams that find themselves with 6-3 records.

None of this week's games were particularly close.  In fact, the closest game this week was contested between Dani's Purple Team and the league's new #1 squad, the PMak Attack.  In the end, the Attack defeated the Purple Team to the tune of 94.3 - 77.55.  The PMak Attack was led by Gus Frerotte and the Dallas defense.  The Purple Team, unfortunately, missed out on big performances by Jeff Garcia and Anthony Gonzalez, which played a part in their downfall.  The PMak Attack moved their record to 6-3, while Dani's Purple Team entrenched themselves in the league basement by dropping to 1-8 on the year.

This week's honors for highest scoring team go to dvikings1.  They're now another of the league's 6-3 teams, as they took out the Hamburglars this week by the score of 108.8 - 76.  As you'd expect, dvikings1 got a lot of big performances, as Chris Johnson, the Giants' defense, Donald Driver, and Matt Ryan all put up at least 17 points.  Kurt Warner fought valiantly for the Hamburglars, but it wasn't quite enough to keep them from falling to a mark of 3-6.

The other two teams that now find themselves at 6-3 are whodat, who took out the Rabble Rousers by a final tally of 102.65 - 71.2, and the Angry Dragons, who defeated Packers Suck 79.45 - 55.35.  The final game of Week 9 saw the Garnet and Gold rack up their second consecutive win, as they defeated Elvis Budweiser VIII by the count of 87.1 - 59.6.

So, here now are the current Power Rankings after nine weeks of play:

1) PMak Attack (6-3, 1st place, Tarkenton Division)
2) Space Monkey Mafia (6-3, 2nd place, Carter Division)
3) dvikings1 (6-3, 3rd place, Tarkenton Division)
4) Angry Dragons (6-3, 2nd place, Tarkenton Division)
5) whodat (6-3, 1st place, Carter Division)
6) UBB's Bombers (6-3, 1st place, Page Division)

7) Packers Suck (5-4, 3rd place, Carter Division)
8) Elvis Budweiser VIII (3-6, 4th place, Tarkenton Division)
9) The Hamburglars (3-6, 2nd place, Page Division)
10) Rabble Rousers (3-6, 3rd place, Page Division)
11) Garnet & Gold (3-6, 4th place, Carter Division)
12) Dani's Purple Team (1-8, 4th place, Page Division)

The league is getting even more interesting, folks. . .I can't wait to see what happens next week!

We might have more later on today, folks. . .in the meantime, exercise your right to vote, and we'll see you back here with more updates!