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Schaub Injured in Vikings/Texans Game; Kubiak Proceeds to Whining

That's the hit that, apparently, put Texans' quarterback Matt Schaub on the shelf for a month with an injury to his MCL.  Kubiak was questioning the legality of the hits at his Monday press conference.

And yes, he's serious.  It's not just you. . .it took me a few solid minutes to finally stop laughing as well.

It's pretty obvious that Allen, who had beaten Duane Brown like a drum, was trying to chase down Schaub, and Schaub was then pushed into Allen by defensive tackle Kevin Williams.  It didn't even look like Allen saw it coming.  If that's an "illegal" or "dirty" hit, then let's just put everyone in a skirt and play two-hand touch instead.

I could also point out the irony of a guy that has Alex Gibbs on his coaching staff whining about another team going after a player's knees, but that would probably just be overkill.

Honestly, it's not as though Allen is Al Harris or anything.

Nobody whined this much after the Vikings/Colts game in Week 2 when Robert Mathis blatantly dove at the back of Adrian Peterson's knees as he was being held up by another Colt defender.  Then again, Peterson is a running back AND a Viking. . .so who the hell cares if he gets injured, I guess.  He probably deserves it or something.

This protest is laughable at best, and hopefully it will be completely ignored by the league, as it should be.