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Packers/Vikings and the Lack of Emotion Thereof

You know, a thought occured to me over the course of the past couple days.  Many people would welcome having this thought, but as someone that runs a website such as this one, the thought struck me as being somewhat troubling.

As you can plainly see from what's gone across the pages of this blog over the past couple of days, I've not approached this week's game with the Packers with the same level of zeal/anger/emotion/whatever that I've approached the other 5 Packer/Viking match-ups that have taken place since this blog got started in 2006.  I'm relatively sure that it's because of the confluence of real-life events that have taken place in Gonzoland over the course of this past week. . .we had a huge Presidential election, my wife's daughter came 10,000 miles across the ocean to come and live with us for three months, dealing with bitter, spineless, pathetic assclowns on other message boards, and various other things.

I love my Vikings. . .always have.  Always will.  And I'm sure that tomorrow morning when I turn on the TV and sit down here in front of the computer to set up the Game Thread (which I hope we get a huge turnout for), the light will truly "come on."  During a normal week, I would have started thinking about the Packer game approximately three minutes after the final gun sounded against Houston. . .gotta take two minutes to let the victory sink in, after all.  But real life made a lot of intrusions this week, and as a result, this blog hasn't had nearly the coverage of Sunday's game that it really should have.  For that, I apologize.  I'll make every effort possible to not let it happen again.

Jared Allen might not be ready to go tomorrow, but Adrian Peterson will be. . .Bernard Berrian will be. . .the Williams boys will be. . .and so will I.  And hopefully, ladies and gentlemen, that will be all we need.

Game thread opens at about 10 AM Minnesota time.  Be here, or be. . .not. . .nearly as cool as the people that will be here!