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Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League: The Playoffs Are Set!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the (fantasy) regular season is over, and it's time for the playoffs to get underway!  Let's see how everything worked out in both playoff brackets after the regular season came to a close.

In the top bracket, the two first-round byes went to the #1 seed PMak Attack, champions of the Tarkenton division and coached by PMak, and the #2 seed UBB's Bombers, the Page Division winners led by UncleBillyBonz.  Both teams finished the season with 10-4 records, but the PMak Attack got the nod for the top spot thanks to their victory over the Bombers in Week 11.

Moving on to teams that will actually be fighting it out this weekend, the first matchup features the Space Monkey Mafia (9-5), led by yours truly and holding the #3 seed after winning the Carter Division, taking on their division rivals Packers Suck (8-6), the #6 seed led by defending champion chadly0102.  These two teams met twice during the regular season, and I'm certainly hoping that history can repeat itself, as my boys completed a regular season sweep of Packers Suck by final scores of 96.65 - 89.6 and 95.15 - 81.75, defeating them in the first game of the regular season and the last game of the regular season.  It's hard to beat the same team three times in a season, though.

The 4-5 matchup will feature another inter-divisional rivalry, as the #4 seeded dvikings1 (9-5), led by dinopurple10, will take on their fellow Tarkenton division members, the Angry Dragons (8-6) and their coach AngryDragon2.  These two teams also met in both the season opener and the season finale, and the results were different each time.  The Angry Dragons won the season opener by a score of 91.9 - 69.35, while dvikings1 was victorious this past weekend by a final tally of 128.9 - 71.15.

As we go down to the lower bracket, the two byes were earned by two teams in the Carter Division.  After having to go to the "most average points a game" tiebreaker to settle the seedings, whodat (7-7) coached by speedlod is the league's #7 seed, while the Garnet & Gold of FSUViking (7-7) will settle for the #8 spot.  whodat was flying high early in the season, and looked to be positioned for big things with a 7-3 record, but a four-game losing streak to finish the season relegated them to the lower bracket.  Quite the opposite of the G&G, who started off the year with a horrific 1-6 record, but won six of their last seven in a furious rally attempt, only to fall just short.

The other games in the lower half will see #9 seed Elvis Budweiser VIII (5-9), led by TheKing, hosting the #12 seeded Rabble Rousers (3-11) of Robert Rence.  These two teams only met once during the regular season, and the Rabble Rousers came out with a victory, winning 94.1 - 82.15 back in Week 5.

Lastly, we'll have the #10 seed Hamburglars (5-9), coached by cruton647, taking on Dani's Purple Team, the #11 seed led by VikingEric64.  These two teams met twice in the regular season, with the Purple Team squeaking out a narrow 97.6 - 95.6 victory back in Week 2, and the Hamburglars returning the favor in Week 13 by a final count of 93.65 - 61.45.

The playoffs are here, folks. . .let's get it on!