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Thursday Night Football Open Thread

In approximately two hours, the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears will kick things off at Soldier Field in a game that's off immense interest to Vikings fans.

If the Bears were to lose to the Saints tonight, the Vikings would have to win just one of their remaining three ball games to wrap up the NFC North division and a playoff spot.  Also, a Saints victory tonight would pretty much ensure that the Vikings would be the only NFC North team this season with ANY victories over any of the teams in the NFC South.  The Vikings are currently 2-1 against the NFC's best division (in my opinion). . .the Packers have already gone 0-4 against the NFC South, the Bears are currently 0-3 against them going into tonight's game, and the Lions are 0-3 against the NFC South, and they'll host New Orleans in Week 16.

So, let's all gather around the NFL Network (or the online stream here if you don't get that channel) and pull for favor to smile down upon the Beloved Purple.  It's already done so once with the announcement about the StarCaps case, but one more time isn't too much to ask, is it?

Discuss the game here, folks. . .I'll be watching, and I hope that you will be, too.