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Vikings 35, Cardinals 14: The Magic Number is ONE

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. . .ONE Minnesota victory or ONE Chicago loss will officially wrap up an NFC North division title for the Vikings.

Somewhere in New York, Roger Goodell is kicking a puppy.

Also, a congratulations to Adrian Peterson, who set the Vikings' single season rushing yardage record this afternoon.  The record was held by Robert Smith, who ran for 1,521 yards during the 2000 season.  Peterson, after his 165 yard performance today, has 1,581.

Did I mention that Peterson has two games left to play yet?

Plenty more on this game later this evening. . .but I have to get up and get away from the computer for a while.  Game thread roll call, complete with a new record for comments in a post, is coming after the jump.

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