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Monday Night Football Open Thread

Going into tonight's match-up, our own Bobby Wade (a former Bear) was so kind as to provide the current Bears with some bulletin board material.

Minnesota receiver Bobby Wade paused wearily and considered the question. Would he watch Monday night's matchup against Green Bay (ESPN, 8:30 p.m. ET), one that could decide the NFC North?

"Yeah," said Wade, who played three seasons in Chicago. "We need the Bears to blow it. Where are they playing? At home? Great. They'll definitely blow it."

See, I like Bobby Wade. . .he's been a decent acquisition for our team in the time he's been here.  Not spectacular, but he wasn't signed to be spectacular.  But for the time being, Bobby needs to shut the hell up and remember where he is and what his team did yesterday.

Now, the last time these two teams got together, the Bears were on the wrong end of a 37-3 tail-kicking.  I wouldn't expect the same score tonight by any stretch of the imagination, but I still think the Packers have a chance win this one.  The Bears are still a division rival, and a win for the Pack tonight would give them not only the chance to sweep the Bears, it would also (in all likelihood) keep them out of the playoffs entirely.  Aaron Rodgers needs to have a good game, and Greg Jennings needs to light up Charles Tillman like the proverbial Christmas tree.  Both of those players are capable of such things. . .whether it will happen or not remains to be seen.

So, discuss the game here. . .and remember, we're not necessarily pulling for a Green Bay victory here.  We're pulling for a Chicago loss.  There's a difference. . .it's all about perspective, you know.

And since I haven't posted it yet today, here's the roll call from yesterday's game thread.

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