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The StarCaps News Is Flying Fast and Furious

Don't have time to discuss this now, as my car is warming up and I need to be in it shortly to get to work, but here's the latest.  I'll try to get into more detail when I get home from the day job this afternoon.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the first player to get busted for using StarCaps actually happened back in 2006. . .and that said player wasn't suspended for it.  If that's true. . .hoo, boy, would that look bad on the league.

The NFLPA is also filing a suit in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis to overturn the suspensions of the StarCaps Five.  (And I'm not slighting Texans' long snapper Bryan Pittman in this, but it's come out that he tested for Bumetanide from something totally unrelated to StarCaps.)

Before this is all over, it could end up making the Patriots' spying charges look like a parking ticket.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday, folks, and discuss all the goings on here!