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Daily Norseman FFL: The Last Weekend of the Regular Season Is Upon Us

Well, after the dust settled tomorrow. . .well, Monday, really. . .we'll know for sure what the playoff brackets in the Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League will look like.

No one team has really separated themselves from the pack to this point in the season, which should make for an exciting final weekend.  The teams that currently occupy the top 2 spots in the league, the #1 PMak Attack and #2 UBB Bombers, both have 9-4 records, and the next four teams behind them are all at 8-5, with one 7-6 team lurking behind them.  If the playoffs started today, the brackets would look like this:

First round byes:  #1 PMak Attack (9-4), #2 UBB's Bombers (9-4)
First round games:  #6 Packers Suck (8-5) @ #3 Space Monkey Mafia (8-5), #5 dvikings1 (8-5) @ #4 Angry Dragons (8-5)

The consolation bracket shakes out this way as of right now:

First round byes:  #7 whodat (7-6), #8 Garnet & Gold (6-7)
First round games:  #12 Dani's Purple Team (2-11) @ #9 Elvis Budweiser VIII (5-8), #11 Rabble Rousers (3-10) @ #10 The Hamburglars (5-8)

I'm not 100% sure how the tiebreakers will work as far as whodat potentially jumping up into the winner's bracket, but that's the only team that can make the jump.  Here are the matchups for this weekend, along with any scoring that any teams got from the Thursday night game between Oakland and San Diego:

dvikings1 41.7, Angry Dragons 0
Packers Suck 10, Space Monkey Mafia 0
Rabble Rousers 0, Dani's Purple Team 0
Garnet & Gold 0, whodat 0
The Hamburglars 0, UBB's Bombers 0
PMak Attack 0, Elvis Budweiser VIII 0

How will it all shake out?  We'll know in a couple of days!