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Well, When You're Wrong, You're Wrong

And it appears that I was wrong.

Here's the story from

Vikings safety Dwight Smith has been cleared from a possession of marijuana charge after he was pulled over outside of Sheik's night club in downtown Minneapolis in mid-December.

Smith was originally cited for possession of marijuana and obstruction of traffic, and the police report said Smith told officers he just got done smoking marijuana. Both offenses are petty misdemeanors, but possession of marijuana would have subjected Smith to punishment under the NFL's personal conduct policy.

Brad Childress chose to hold off on punishment until more details came to the surface. Now that Smith's name has been cleared from the marijuana charge, he will not face punishment from the Vikings or the NFL. That does not mean Smith is a lock to remain a Viking in 2008.

So yeah, I was wrong on Dwight Smith.  That doesn't mean I want him to be back in Minnesota next year. . .because I don't. . .but I was wrong about him.