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Putting the Un-Fun in Un-Functional

No, I'm not sure if un-functional is a word.  It probably isn't.  Ah, well.

As you've probably noticed, the site hasn't been updated since Thursday, and I apologize for that.  I THOUGHT I had a functional computer on my hands when I picked it up after work on Thursday, and it started up okay.  Turns out that the guy from the computer shop replaced the cooling fan, and I thought everything was good.

However, I was wrong.  Apparently whatever happened with the motherboard managed to hose up the video card, too.  As a result, the computer still shuts down after a certain amount of time.  This, as you can imagine, ticks me off.  My current computer is the first one I built from parts with my own little hands, and after 4 1/2 years of faithful service, it appears as though it's gotten to the point of "not being worth fixing."

But fear not, good readers. . .for early next week, I should have a replacement in my hot little hands.  More details on that after I get it set up.

So hang in there, gang. . .DN isn't dead.  It's just resting.  Possibly pining for the fjords.  But I'll be back sooner as opposed to later.  Until then, keep up the diaries (since I see there's been a couple over the last few days) and I'll be back to you tomorrow with. . .well, something.  I'm not sure what, but it'll be something.