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Random Weekend-Starting Tidbits

This post is going to be short so that I can go back to burying my head in my Air Force Professional Development Guide.  One week from today is my promotion test. . .of course, I won't know if I actually made the cut until June or July, but that's okay. . .I just really want to make it.

-Yawn. . .another day, another award for 2007 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Adrian Peterson.  Oh, the burdens of being the most exciting young player to enter the NFL in the last decade.

-Cris Carter, Randall McDaniel, and Gary Zimmerman will find out today if they've been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  I think Carter and McDaniel should both get in. . .then again, I'm incredibly biased.

-It turns out I'm in the same boat as Pacifist Viking and the folks at The Ragnarok.  I really haven't given a hell of a lot of thought to this Sunday's big game.  Nor do I really intend to.  Does that make me a bad football fan?

-Vikes Geek examines what the Vikings' off-season might look like if the NFL had a setup similar to Major League Baseball.

-Speaking of Major League Baseball, be sure to check out SBNation's outstanding Twins' blog, Twinkie Town for all the hoopla and analysis surrounding the trade of Johan Santana to the New York Mets.

That's all for now, folks. . .during one of my study breaks this weekend, I'll be sure to get on that list of potential safeties for the Vikings to look at in the '08 Draft.  Until then, enjoy your weekend everyone!