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Don't Let the Door Hit You In the Ass, Dwight

As I'm sure you all saw yesterday, in a move that didn't happen soon enough, Dwight Smith was officially dumped by the Beloved Purple.  Smith, as you might recall, spent the majority of the second half of the season sucking out loud for the Vikings' defense.  Yes, he tied for the team lead in interceptions with 4, but he also couldn't tackle a paraplegic in a phone booth.  Between his declining performance on the field and his continuing escapades off of it, he wasn't long for the team anyway, and he was finally put out of his misery yesterday afternoon.

Now, I've been saying all off-season to this point that the biggest hole the Vikings have is at the WR position, and considering the personnel we currently have at that position, a case could still definitely be made for that.  However, thanks to some roster happenings over the last week or so. . .some self-inflicted (Dwight Smith) and some not (Kenechi Udeze). . .you could also make the case for the safety position and/or the defensive end position being Minnesota's biggest need.  Fortunately, thanks to the front office genius that is Rob Brzezinski, the Vikings went from having $14 million in cap space a few days ago to having $30 million available, so they'll be able to address numerous concerns in whatever fashion they deem fit.

So what should the Vikings do?  We'll get more into that in the next day or two.  I apologize for the brevity of this update, but I'm still in the process of setting up my new computer system and stuff, so I'm going to get that taken care of.  Have a good one, ladies and gentlemen!