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I Have Seen the Future. . .

And the future, it is good.

In this case, however, I'm not necessarily talking about the future of the Minnesota Vikings. . .we KNOW that future is bright.  No, what I'm talking about is the future of the SBNation network as a whole and, more specifically, the future of this site.

Since this site came online on 10 July 2006, there have been 658 stories in various forms posted on this website. . .stuff that I've posted, diaries that you've posted, etc.  In that time, I'd like to think that this humble little site has become one of the best Vikings-related websites on the Interweb.  Hopefully some of you out there agree with that assessment.

However, the time in the evolution of SBNation is coming that we want to give you more.  Much more.  Way, way, way more.  And more is exactly what you're going to get.

Want a preview?  Check out one of SBNation's flagship sites, Athletics Nation, to see what the future is going to hold.  Go ahead, I'll wait.



Okay, good, you're back.  See all the stuff they've got over there?  It's all coming to DN in the near future.

Stats?  We'll have them.  News?  We'll have it.  Interaction?  It will be there.  In the not-so-distant future, this site will (hopefully) become your one-stop shop for news and information about the Beloved Purple.

So when is the change coming?  That's still sort of up in the air.  It will certainly be implemented prior to the NFL Draft and, rest assured, as soon as I know when DN is making the transition, you'll know as well.  You WILL have to re-register your user name, but this time your handle will get you into ANY SBNation website, not just The Daily Norseman.  The changes will be slowly rolling through the network, and eventually all of the SBNation sites will look the same as Athletics Nation.  The baseball sites will be getting the makeovers first, so you Twins fans be sure to keep your eyes on Jesse, Jon and the boys from Twinkie Town to see when their change is coming.

That's all for now.  Hopefully I'll be back later on tonight with news that damn near made me hurt myself when I first heard it.  Until then, have a good one, ladies and gentlemen!