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Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Database Updated

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I finally got it completed.  Since I lost all the HTML for the previous version of the Mock Database when my computer blew up on me, I had to re-do it completely from scratch.  So, it's not quite as complete as the old one was, but it will get better as time progresses.

As of now, there are 40 different mocks available for you to look at.  That number will also expand as we go along.  I'm going to shoot for updating it on the weekends, whether that be Saturday or Sunday.  It's just easiest to do it that way.  Next weekend might be a little tricky, as Mrs. Gonzo and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary on Saturday.  So, if it doesn't get updated next weekend, that's the reason why.

But the link is right over there on the left-hand side of the page, so go ahead and peruse the different mocks listed!