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Do the Vikings Have a Troy Williamson Trade In Place?

It sounds like they do, according to ESPN's John Clayton (via RotoWorld):

ESPN's John Clayton reports a trade involving Troy Williamson should be announced on the first day of free agency.

Clayton writes that "at least two or three teams" have stayed in contact with the Vikings about acquiring Williamson. Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Miami are rumored to have interest. The Jags seem like a good bet to land the 24-year-old wideout with former Vikings coach Mike Tice an assistant there.

If this is true, all I can say is "Holy crap, we actually GOT something for him!?"  If we did, I will be absolutely and utterly amazed.  Rick Spielman might just be a damn miracle worker.  This must give him the early clubhouse lead in the race for NFL Executive of the Year.

(Okay, I'm joking.  A little bit, at least.)

Now, it remains to be seen whether the return on Williamson will be a draft pick or a player.  My initial guess would be a pick somewhere in the 5th to 7th round range. . .although if there were actually a few teams competing over him, then the price might be a bit higher.

In any event, it appears that we now definitely have at least something to look forward to on Friday for sure.  Hopefully the folks at Winter Park will provide us with a little bit more.