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Minnesota Vikings Sign WR Bernard Berrian to a Six-Year Deal

So sayeth Fox Sports' Jay Glazer:

The Vikings have come to terms on a six-year deal with Bernard Berrian, sources have told The worth of the deal is not yet known.

Berrian was considered the No. 2 receiver on the open market behind Randy Moss. The Chicago Bears wanted to retain Berrian, who was the team's deep threat. But in the end, the deal Minnesota offered was too good to pass up.

Pacifist Viking should be pretty pleased with this one.  Heck, I'm even starting to come around on it a little bit myself.

More on this from me tomorrow. . .until then, feel free to discuss!

Update [2008-3-1 17:32:7 by Gonzo]:

The Star-Tribune is confirming this, as is the Chicago Sun-Times.

That's official enough for me, folks.