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It's Official

Sidney Rice over Dwayne Jarrett was, indeed, the right choice.

I'm glad that #18 wasn't involved in anything like this. . .I'd hate to have to consider The Daily Norseman dropping their sponsorship of the next great Minnesota wide receiver.

Oh, and as long as I'm here, don't forget that tonight's the night for the SB Nation Football Frenzy on  Join The Sports Guru and BigBlueShoe as they discuss all the news that is news in the National Football League.

Continue enjoying your evening, ladies and gentlemen!

Update [2008-3-11 22:9:40 by Gonzo]:

In a bit of a surprise, I wound up co-hosting the SB Nation Football Frenzy with the Sports Guru in BigBlueShoe's absence. Feel free to download the MP3 and/or subscribe to the podcast right here.