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Vikings Solve the Mystery of the Newest Number

Thanks to the folks at Access Vikings, we've come to learn that Bernard Berrian's new jersey number with the Vikings will not be #80 (duh).  Nor will it be #82 (thank goodness).  No, this off-season's best and most important free agent signing will be wearing the number 87 when he takes the field as a member of the Beloved Purple.

87 had been the number of TE Braden Jones, who spent last season not doing a whole heck of a lot for the Vikings.  Jones' new number will be 47.

There. . .your jersey purchases may now commence. Oh, and big, BIG ups to the guys at Access Vikings for linking to great 80s power ballads in their posts.

Oh, and for those of you that might be looking for the podcast from last night, I'm not sure if or when Guru will be uploading it to the archives.  As soon as I know, I'll pass it along.