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Your Time Killer for Today

Just for kicks and giggles, I started a little Daily Norseman-based community at My Mini City.  To have a visit, here's the link:

DN Valhalla at

Each click increases your population and allows you to do more things with the city.

If you or anyone you know also has a place set up at My Mini City, feel free to share them in the comments section so that we can help each other out.

Also, thanks to all of you out there, we've set a new milestone here at The Daily Norseman.  According to our stats, as provided by the good people at SiteMeter, March 2008 has already been the biggest traffic month in Daily Norseman history. . .and it's only 21 March!  Our previous biggest month was December, and that was with the Vikings in the thick of the playoff chase and having more excitement surrounding the team than there's been in a long time.  That month saw our humble little home here receive 16,985 total hits.  As of this very moment, 8:04 PM Central on 21 March, we've received 18,262 hits for the month.  I think that's pretty amazing, quite frankly.

Thanks to all of you out there for making this site what it is.  With the re-design coming soon (still no exact date, but it will be soon), the upcoming draft, and the Vikings impending 2008 NFC North Division championship (among other things), things only promise to get better for the Daily Norseman from this point on.  Keep spreading the word to the rest of Vikings Nation, folks. . .I appreciate it, and this site wouldn't exist without all of you coming to visit it.

Have a good one, ladies and gentlemen!  Tomorrow we'll have even more talk about the Beloved Purple, and maybe a few other things as well.