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Matt Birk and the Monday Malaise

I apologize for the lack of updates over the weekend, as well as the Mock Draft DB not getting updated.  This weekend, for any number of reasons, fell firmly under the heading of "blah," and I simply didn't get a whole lot done.  The Mock Draft DB will get updated next weekend for sure.  As far as what else is going on in the land of the Beloved Purple. . .

Apparently C Matt Birk is not participating in the Vikings' voluntary mandatory "voluntary" workouts that are taking place in Minneapolis this week.  There are rumblings that he might be unhappy with his contract, which expires after this season, and could possibly be angling for an extension.  While I like Birk a lot as a player, the truth of the matter is that he's going to turn 32 in a few months here.

Wait a minute. . .that means he's my age.  And here I was going to go off about how he was getting old.  He's not old, damn it!  I'M NOT OLD, DAMN IT!


Anyway, while Birk is still one of the league's best centers, as evidenced by his Pro Bowl selection this season, he's still at the point of his career where spending big dollars on him might not be the wisest thing to do.  Granted, we have basically nothing backing him up at center right now, so if we were to let him play out his contract and leave, the Beloved Purple would have to immediately find a replacement for him on the open market or through the draft, lest they end up having to start Ryan Cook at center.

Not that Cook could be any worse at center than he's been at right tackle. . .after all, he actually PLAYED center in college. . .but I don't know if that's a risk I want to take.

Here I thought a few months ago that we were solidly set at four of the five offensive line positions.  Now, it looks like the only guys that might be set are our guards.  The best guard in the business mans the LG spot, and will for many years to come, and young mauler Anthony Herrera is holding down the RG slot after an extension signed last season. . .but our RT has been awful, our LT seems to have a problem with law enforcement types, and now our C feels underappreciated.  OL might end up being a need for this team sooner than most of us would like it to be.

And yes, Birk is the last Viking currently on the roster that was a member of the 1998 team.  Not that that means anything. . .just saying is all.

As far as our poll, with 482 precincts reporting, we have a dead heat for who you fans out there think the best backup QB option for the Vikings is.  Daunte Culpepper currently has 127 votes, and Gus Frerotte also has 127 votes.  Currently in third is Quinn Gray, who is now officially off the market after having signed with the Houston Texans, who may now be a bit more flexible in their trade demands as it concerns QB Sage Rosenfels, who the Vikings tried to pry away prior to the start of free agency.

I didn't take any trade options into account or anything like that. . .which is why you don't see Rosenfels or J.P. Losman or anyone like that on the list.

Frankly, I would personally be tickled to see Culpepper back here, but there's a greater chance of me getting hit by lightning minutes after winning the lottery than there is of Daunte Culpepper coming back to a team coached by Brad Childress.  For now, I'll just have to use my mind to visualize DC executing one of his outstanding play-fakes to Adrian Peterson and airing out long bombs to Berrian and Rice all afternoon.  What a sight that would be, though.

That's all for now, folks. . .more substantive material coming tomorrow, as well as the SBNation Football Frenzy, which I may or may not end up hosting depending on. . .well, a number of factors.  Good night, ladies and gentlemen, and enjoy the rest of your Monday.