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Gee, And Only Five Years Too Late

Came across this little tidbit from the good folks at Access Vikings this afternoon:

Indeed, What Would Nathan Poole Think of a rule change proposed today by the NFL's competition committee?

According to Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay, who is co-chairman of the committee, the league will vote next week on a rule to eliminate the type of call that granted Poole and the Arizona Cardinals their infamous 18-17 victory over the Vikings in 2003. If the proposal is passed, receivers will have to get both feet in bounds and have possession of the ball to get credit for a catch -- even if they are pushed by one or more defenders.

Now, the only way a player will get credit for a reception in which they don't get both feet in bounds: If the player is "actually held and carried out of bounds" by a defender, McKay said.

I'm not sure how much this would have affected the Poole catch, actually, since any human being with an IQ higher than 5 knows that it wasn't a catch anyway and calling it a "push out" was one of the biggest horseshit calls in NFL history.

Even though I'm sure that this rule, if changed, will also come back to screw Minnesota over at a crucial moment at some point in the future, I'm in favor of it.  Catch the ball, get both feet down, or you didn't deserve it.