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Vikings 2008 SBNation Mock Draft Selection Open Thread

Remember, to keep track of all the hot Mock Draft action, keep your browsers tuned to Mocking the Draft.

The first two picks have gone off the board, as the Dolphins selected Virginia DE Chris Long, and the Rams selected DE Vernon Gholston from THE Ohio State University.

As you'll see, there's a poll attached here, and it will shortly be the main poll on the site. I've based the 9 names (along with the nebulous "other" option) on stuff I've seen from various Mock Drafts around the internet of guys that SHOULD be available when the Vikings' selection comes around at 17.

Now, keep this in mind. . .the picks are being posted to Mocking the Draft at the rate of 2-3 per day. . .on the other hand, we're doing the picks behind the scenes at a slightly faster rate. We bloggers are getting 8 hours from the time the last pick is made to get our pick submitted to the folks running the Mock Draft. Right now, we're actually up to the #7 pick, but we've put the brakes on to slow down a bit.

With that in mind, when I'm informed that the Vikings time "on the clock" has come, I'll give a warning here on the blog that we're in the last few hours before our pick has to be in. When we reach the deadline I've given, I'll go with the highest player from the list that's still available with our selection. I've tried to limit things to the Vikings' positions of need (i.e. no running backs, no linebackers). If someone can generate a "write-in" campaign for a player, that's cool, too.

So, let's use THIS post for all the discussion regarding the Vikings' first-round pick in the SBNation Mock Draft. And, if you select "Other," PLEASE leave a comment as to who "Other" is.

So, with that, vote and discuss away!