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The 2008 SBNation Mock Draft is Here!

Yes, folks, it's the most wonderful (blog) time of the year, as it's time to kick off the SBNation Mock Draft.  Just like last year's party, the bloggers of SBNation will be taking turns making their selections for their respective teams.  If you'll recall last year's draft for a moment, with the 7th overall pick I chose some guy named Adrian Peterson for the Beloved Purple, based on a poll here on the site.  The Vikings, in an obvious tip of the hat to our brilliance, made the same selection at the real NFL Draft and. . .well, we saw what happened.

(Okay, so we might not really have had anything to do with the Vikings picking Adrian Peterson.  But it WAS our idea first, damn it.)

This year's draft will be hosted by the good folks at Mocking the Draft.  There aren't going to be any trades this year (in an attempt to minimize delays), and we're hoping to crank out 2-3 picks a day.  So, in a few days, I'll have a poll up on the site here with a list of good, logical targets for the Beloved Purple that haven't been selected yet, and like last year we'll all vote on them.  The majority will rule, just like it did last season.

Our first round pick should be getting made sometime on Saturday, if we get 3 picks in per day.  So the poll should be up in the next few days here.  In the meantime, keep an eye on Mocking the Draft and the other SBNation sites to keep up with the latest happenings.  The Dolphins' pick should be up here in the relatively near future.