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Vikings add RB Maurice Hicks

Rather than get more involved with the big story of the day, let's discuss football teams that will actually be relevant during the 2008 season, shall we?  Teams like. . .oh, I don't know. . .YOUR Minnesota Vikings!

This afternoon, the Beloved Purple added RB Maurice Hicks, late of the San Francisco 49ers.  Based on his body of work in San Francisco, it appears he'll be the primary kick returner for Minnesota this year, and he could take over part of the role that Mewelde Moore vacated as the third RB/possible third down option out of the backfield.  Moore signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday.

Here's a bit on Hicks from Access Vikings:

But Hicks said coaches discussed the possibility of serving as a third-down back and in other specific offensive situations. Although he hasn't been an NFL workhorse in the backfield, rushing a grand total of 205 times in four seasons, he is no slouch, either. Hicks holds the NCAA Division II record with a 437-yard game while playing for North Carolina A&T.

"I wanted to find a place where I could be a returner but also play a role on the offense," he said. "That was the key."

That said, Hicks figures to be the leading candidate to return kickoffs. He hasn't returned a punt in an NFL game, but that possibility can't be ruled out. He has a 22.9-yard average on 185 kickoff returns in his career.

437 yards in one game by one guy?  Good LORD!

Yet another good signing by Rick Spielman and company.  I could definitely get used to this.  We'll have more on Hicks in the next day or two.