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The NEW Round Mound of Rebound?

Remember back when you were a kid, and every once in a while you'd tune into Wide World of Sports and the Harlem Globetrotters would be on there stomping the crap out of the Washington Generals and generally making them look foolish with hijinks and tomfoolery and shenanigans?

Well, guess what. . .the Globetrotters are still around!  And this time. . .they have extra weapons.

The World Famous Harlem Globetrotters will add some serious muscle to their lineup during the first of three weekend games at the Target Center on Friday, April 11, at 7:00 p.m., as Minnesota Viking Pro Bowl defensive tackle Pat Williams will line up with the basketball magicians during the Globetrotter Football portion of the show.

Williams, who was named an NFC Pro Bowler the past two seasons, has also graciously donated 100 tickets to Friday night's game to the African American Adoption Agency, Minnesota's first full-service, non-profit adoption agency designed to move children of color from foster care to permanent families.

That's right. . .everyone's favorite run-stuffing, guard-pounding, Olin Kreutz-destroying defensive linemen is going to suit up for the Globetrotters tomorrow night at the Target Center.  I don't care when or how it happens, but this is something that needs to be on YouTube or some other medium.

Now. . .someone might have to step up and take a charge from the big man.  But who?

Hey, I've got someone!

Also Friday night, Vikings radio play-by-play voice Paul Allen will step out from behind the microphone to suit up for the Globetrotters' nemesis, the Washington Generals, in an effort to help the Generals snap their 37-plus-year losing streaks to the Globetrotters.

That would give him something to scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" about, wouldn't it?

If anyone attends this and wants to let us know how everything went, please feel free to do so in the diaries somewhere.

That's all for tonight, ladies and gentlemen. . .Friday is tomorrow, and we're only about two weeks away from the 2008 NFL Draft!  Keep your eye on Mocking the Draft, where the first round is nearing its end and the second round should be kicking off fairly soon.