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Mock Draft Database Updated

If you'll look over to the left, you'll see that the Mock Draft Database is now broken up into three different categories.  The categories are based on the way the folks at HailRedskins have them formatted.

-All of the sites that have "Pro"next to them at are listed under the "Professional Mock Drafts" category.
-A selection of sites. . .because there's no way I can do the 200+ that the HR folks do. . .is listed under the "Non-Professional Mock Draft" heading.
-Finally, there are some SBNation sites that have done community mock drafts, where the readers of the site conduct the entire draft themselves.  Those are listed under "SBNation Community Mock Drafts."  Right now, counting the one that's going on at Mocking the Draft, there are seven of those.  It's interesting to see what fans of other teams perceive that teams should do in the draft. . .but in the SBNation world, there seems to be a bit of a consensus.

What, you thought I was going to give it away here?  Not a chance. . .go click on the page and see for yourselves!

Not a whole lot of other news going on at the moment, folks. . .if anything comes up, we'll have something on it later.  In the meantime, continue enjoying your weekend!

Update [2008-4-12 17:20:31 by Gonzo]:

Also, if you signed up for Goal Line Blitz through the link you got from this site, could you please log into your account and mess around for a bit? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!