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SBNation's Minnesota Sports Coverage is Complete

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it took a while. . .but now all of Minnesota's professional sports teams have sites here at SBNation with the addition of Canis Hoopus, our new Timberwolves blog.  Yes, not only have the folks at SBNation found anyone willing to actually WATCH Timberwolves' basketball at this point, but they've even found people that are willing to discuss it.

As someone that's followed the Wolves since Tony Campbell was their superstar and they wasted spent their first ever draft pick on Pooh Richardson when Tim Hardaway was RIGHT THERE, I'm happy to see this site come aboard.

In case you've forgotten, your homes for Minnesota professional sports on SBNation (other than here, obviously) are

Twinkie Town for Minnesota Twins baseball
Hockey Wilderness for Minnesota Wild hockey
Canis Hoopus for Minnesota Timberwolves basketball

Just wanted to make sure I got that out there for everyone.  Possibly more later on today.  Until then, keep enjoying your Thursday!