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Pro Football Talk Comes Up With a Pretty Good Idea For the Vikings

From their Rumor Mill tidbit about the ongoing discussions between the Vikings and the Chiefs concerning Jared Allen:

The Minneapolis Star Tribune suggests that the Vikes would have to give up at a minimum first-round pick and a third-round pick in 2008.  Charley Water (sic) of the St. Paul Pioneer Press suggests that the Vikes will offer their first-round pick this year and a second-round pick in 2009.

Neither package is much less than the two first-round picks that the Vikes would have to surrender if they deal directly with Allen and sign him to an offer sheet.

And even though coach Brad Childress says that the team wouldn't give up two first-round picks for Allen, we think that the Vikings should strongly consider signing Allen to an offer sheet after the 2008 draft.  If the Chiefs don't match (a poison pill might be necessary to ensure that they won't), the Vikings would give up their first-round picks in 2009 and 2010.  And if Allen's presence helps get the Vikings to the next level, the picks sacrificed in 2009 and 2010 would be low in round one.

It would be the biggest trade risk that the Vikings have taken since 1989, when they gave up three first-round picks, three second-round picks, a sixth-round pick, and five players for Herschel Walker, two third-round picks, a fifth-round pick, and a tenth-round pick.  In comparison, however, a first-round pick in 2009 and a first-round pick in 2010 for the best defensive end to wear purple and gold since Chris Doleman would seem to be a small price to play.

And you know something?  That idea is so damn crazy that it just. . .might. . .work.

I'd have to put a little more thought into the whole thing, but looking at it on the surface, I don't think I'd be completely opposed to this.  If the Chiefs don't want to come to terms on a deal, then we keep all our picks in this year's draft, load up on talent/depth, and sign Allen to a contract on Monday, 28 April after the draft is over.

Also, I'm sure that if a poison pill were to be inserted like there was in the Hutchinson contract a couple of years ago, the whining from the national media would be damn near unbearable for a while. . .but, like I said with the Hutchinson contract, Zygi Wilf isn't running a charity.  He's not putting together an update of "How to Make Friends and Influence People."  He's attempting to make his football team the best that it can be.  Getting Jared Allen onto this roster would be a huge step in making that happen.

What say you, folks?  If a deal isn't worked out prior to the draft, would you be adverse to that scenario?