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Vikings Make Second SBNation Mock Draft Selection

While getting caught up in all this Jared Allen excitement, it appears as though I forgot to mention that the Vikings have made their second-round choice in the 2008 SBNation Mock NFL Draft.  And by "the Vikings," what I mean is "me."

Who did the Beloved Purple take in the second round?  Have a look for yourself, and then tell me what you think!

And, since I know why you're really here anyway. . .no, there have been no further updates to the Jared Allen story.  Access Vikings is reporting that there's still a big ol' limo parked in front of the offices at Winter Park, but nothing has come out of there yet as far as news.  But stay tuned right here just in case something breaks!

On a final note, thanks to the Jared Allen news, yesterday was the biggest day in terms of hits in the history of the Daily Norseman.  We had 2,187 visitors to the site overall, and between the hours of 8 AM and midnight, only two of those hours brought less than 100 hits to the site. . .and those two hours gave us 97 and 96 hits.  Because of yesterday. . .and today as well, it appears. . .we're on the verge of crossing the 200,000 hit mark before the NFL Draft.  Right now, since the site went live in July of 2006, we've registered 198,273 (which includes the 1,337 we've registered today thus far).

It's just another opportunity for me to thank each and every one of you for the opportunity to bring my thoughts, rants, and insight to your computer as a part of your Minnesota Vikings internet experience.  This site wouldn't be here without the support of all of you, and I appreciate it all a great deal.

Like I said, keep it tuned here for any new Jared Allen developments, and keep enjoying your weekend!

Update [2008-4-19 18:24:39 by Gonzo]:

Oh, and if you have any questions about the site transition that will be taking place on Wednesday, check out this handy-dandy little reference guide. It should help ease any potential pain that might arise. Oh, and here's a guide to help all of you out there to become a bigger part of the Daily Norseman community. Again, this isn't just MY site. . .this is OUR site, folks. Anyone can feel free to contribute anything at any time. Daily Norseman 2.0 will make that just a little easier for everybody.