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And We're Back!

Well, after some problems on the technical side of the house. . .I seem to remember someone mentioning something about checking the specs on the rotary girder or some such. . .The Daily Norseman is back and ready to go in time for tomorrow's draft.

Rest assured, this had nothing to do with the new Daily Norseman platform or anything relating to it.  It was a hardware problem back at the home office that caused all of this to take place.  Now that the problem appears to be solved, we don't anticipate anything happening again.  I'll say that in the 20 months that I've been running this site, the past couple of days have been the only significant downtime that we've experienced.  I'd have to say that that's pretty damn good.

As you can probably guess, with the Allen trade, I've scrapped the Mock Draft Database.  Why?  Well, because the Vikings only have one pick in the first three rounds and the vast majority of mocks don't project any farther out that.  So, at some point this evening or tomorrow morning, I'll just post a list of what various mocks think the Beloved Purple will be doing with their #47 selection.

There's a very good chance that I'll be here during the draft despite the Vikings not having the number of picks we'd originally anticipated.  Why?  Because it's the draft, that's why.  Hopefully we'll have a bunch of you coming by to discuss what's happening with the rest of the NFC North and the rest of the NFL in general tomorrow.  One of the new features of the new platform is comments that automatically refresh rather than having to hit the "refresh" button on your browser constantly.  Makes for an almost chat-like atmosphere.  I've seen it on a couple of other sites, and I think it really enhances interactivity during events and games and things of that nature.

Also, I wanted to say that it looks like we're looking at another record month for The Daily Norseman.  Despite the technical problems of Wednesday and Thursday, the site has had 13,044 hits in the past seven days.  Now, this site went online back in June of 2006.  The 13,044 hits we got this past week surpassed the number of hits the site received every month from June 2006 to October 2007.  With the draft coming up, we should hit another all-time monthly high for traffic, surpassing the mark we set. . .last month.  As always, my thanks to each and every one of you for making this possible and making this site what it is.

So, more draft stuff tonight and a lot more tomorrow morning leading up to 2 PM Central when everything starts at Radio City Music Hall.  Continue enjoying your Friday, everybody!