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The Importance of Knowing What the Hell You're Talking About

Just a quick little gem this morning from St. Paul Pioneer Press writer Tom Powers.  This is from an article basically telling Vikings' fans to curb their enthusiasm.

Also note that the same semi-leaky offensive line is back, but with a longer rap sheet. In a draft filled with quality offensive tackles, the Vikings came up empty. So now we're hearing the names "Artis Hicks" and "Marcus Robinson" again. Yikes. Maybe they can get Toniu Fonoti back and put him in there.

Couple minor quibbles here. . .

Point the first. . .Marcus Robinson was cut by the Vikings in December of 2006.  So, if you've heard the name "Marcus Robinson" since then. . .well, it hasn't been in connection with the Minnesota Vikings.

Point the second. . .Marcus Robinson is a wide receiver.  Which means he would have not a damn thing to do with the Minnesota Vikings' offensive line even if he WAS still a Viking.  Which, as we've already pointed out, is not the case.

For crying out loud, people. . .research is NOT that hard.  Then again, maybe Powers is auditioning for a job at ESPN.