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Around the Viking Blogosphere

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I'd love to fire off an absolutely outstanding football story for all of you this evening, but we had a hellacious workout this afternoon for PT, and right now I'm stiffer than a virgin at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

So, with that, let's take a look at what the rest of our friends in the Viking blogosphere are saying about the Beloved Purple.

-Grant's Tomb wants us to temper our enthusiasm about the Jared Allen signing. . .but only a little bit, so that's okay.

-Pacifist Viking is always a must-read.  Also, PV has gotten a gig as the Vikings' correspondent over at 10,000 Takes, another of our favorite Minnesota sports sites.

-Vikes Geek takes a look at the bigger picture as it relates to the Vikings' moves this off-season.

-Vikings Valhalla tells us about Steve Hutchinson and Jim Kleinsasser taking in the Minnesota fishing opener.  (Yes, you have to register.  It takes all of two seconds, and they're good people, so it's okay.)

-Vike Vision has started doing what I intend to start doing very soon. . .yes, seriously. . .in previewing the 2008 season.

And that's it for tonight.  Good stuff coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!