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Just a Few Quick Notes

Apologies for the lack of activity the past couple of days. . .been a rough weekend physically for your humble webmaster over here.  Between not feeling terribly well on Friday and volunteering with the Mississippi Special Olympics yesterday (and procuring one hell of a sunburn in the process). . .not to mention my ongoing quest for a part-time job. . .it hasn't been the greatest few days to be yours truly.

So, with that in mind, just a few things here for your Sunday:

-Jared Allen's bar/restaurant in Kansas City has officially closed up shop.  Doesn't make much sense for him to have a bar in KC when he is no longer employed there.

-The Vikings will be travelling to River Falls, WI in late July to scrimmage with the Kansas City Chiefs for training camp.

-As pointed out by our friend Jon Marthaler a few days ago in the FanPosts, Kevin Seifert is leaving the Star-Tribune to work for the bastion of pure, unadulterated evil that is ESPN.  Truly a loss. . .I've always thought that Seifert did a damn fine job.

-Grant's Tomb has an early projection of the NFC North.  You'll never, EVER guess who he's chosen to win the division.

-Vikings Vixen, by FAR the pinkest Vikings' blog on the internet, takes a brief look at some early Power Rankings.

-The folks at Bodog have some interesting Vikings' odds for the 2008 season.  The Beloved Purple are currently listed at 7:4 to win the NFC North, 9:1 to win the NFC, and 28:1 to win the Super Bowl.

DISCLAIMER:  I do NOT encourage you betting on football, particularly the NFL, unless you have an ungodly amount of disposable income.  The above link is provided for entertainment purposes only.  If you DO choose to gamble on the NFL and lose significant amounts of currency, you'd damn sure better not try to blame us, because we told you so.

-It's a slightly older article, but Vikings Valhalla takes a look at the Vikings' starting offensive tackles.  Looks like someone might owe Ryan Cook an apology.  You know who you are.  (It's me.)

And, finally, I think I'm going to have to delay the All-Time Viking team thing that I announced the other day for a week or so.  I left off a lot of guys that should be "locks," based on their credentials, and at the rate they were piling up, we were going to have an entire team sooner or later anyway.  Give me a little longer to get it organized, and we'll have something along those lines going on here.

And that's all for this morning, ladies and gentlemen.  Continue enjoying your Sunday, and we'll see you back here for the start of a new work week!