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Exclusive Pictures from the Vikings' OTAs

You know, sometimes it's good to have friends in high places.

What you see below is a couple of pictures from the Godfather of all Minnesota Vikings blogs, Mr. Cheer or Die, taken TODAY at the Vikings' Organized Team Activities at Winter Park.  Mr. CoD has been kind enough to share some of his "stash" with me out of the metric buttload of pictures that he's posting over at his site.  These are pictures that you won't see anywhere else, not even at Mr. Cheer or Die's site.  Enjoy!



What an absolutely beautiful day at Winter Park.  Of course, every day that there's Vikings' football is a beautiful day.  It's kind of crazy to think that the season opener is only 112 days away. . .not that I'm counting or anything.

And there he is, folks. . .a deep threat that can actually catch the football more than once every five tries.  I really, really can't wait to see this guy in action in a live game.  Between Berrian and Sidney Rice, teams are actually going to have to respect the passing game in 2008, and that can only mean bigger and better things for the best running back tandem in the NFC.


That's all for now. . .what, you thought I was going to give everything away up front?  Why on earth would I do something like that?  When it comes to good stuff like this, it's good to follow the first rule of showbiz. . .always leave them wanting more.

But, I leave you now with a bit of a blooper, as the wind plays havoc with our new starting safety, Madieu Williams.  Note the outstanding Willie Mays Hayes impression at the end.

That's all for tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Check out Mr. Cheer or Die's site for more good stuff (the link is up at the top), and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!