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Vikings Waive Erasmus James

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Have you ever looked back at the Vikings' 2005 draft class and said to yourself, "You know, if Erasmus James can ever stay healthy long enough to contribute, they might not be a complete disaster?"

Well, have I got some news for you.

The Vikings announced they have waived defensive end Erasmus James, according to the team’s website. One of the Vikings’ two first-round picks in the 2005 draft — receiver Troy Williamson was the other — James was waived/injured after failing to pass his physical. James had battled knee injuries the past two seasons.

I was really hoping that James could eventually come around and be a contributor, but that was probably a bit unrealistic.

So, let's review the Vikings' 2005 draft class, shall we?

7) WR Troy Williamson - Gone, never really contributed.
18) DE Erasmus James - Gone, never really contributed.
49) OL Marcus Johnson - What do you mean "you forgot he was still on the team?"
80) S Dustin Fox - Spent a year on IR and was cut, never played a game for Minnesota.  Now plays for the Bills.
112) RB Ciatrick Fason - Gone, didn't do a whole lot, except somehow fool Mike Tice into thinking he was a goal-line back.  Currently unemployed.
191) DT C.J. Mosley - Showed some promise in Minnesota. . .and was promptly traded to the Jets for Brooks Bollinger.
219) CB Adrian Ward - Didn't even make it through his first training camp.

Good lord. . .if that's not the single-worst draft class in NFL history, I'd love to see its competition for that title.