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Udeze Officially Out for 2008

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But then, we'd pretty much already figured that out, hadn't we?

However, in a very classy move, the Vikings are going to pay Udeze's 2008 salary, even though they are under no obligation to do so after moving #95 to the reserve/non-football injury list.

Under NFL rules, teams are not required to pay players on the NFI list because the "injury" is not football-related. But Childress said that owner Zygi Wilf authorized the payment so that Udeze can "focus on getting well."

Childress added: "He's done a great job with that so far. He's been positive. He's been upbeat. What that does is obviously clear his mind of any financial issues, and the organization, particularly the Wilfs, have taken care of that."

Looks like the Vikings have learned from the whole debacle that took place with Troy Williamson and his grandmother's funeral last November, haven't they?

In a couple of other news tidbits. . .

-Former Viking and current Original Wizzinator spokesman Onterrio Smith was arrested for DUI  in Sacramento last week.  Seriously, did we ever find out whether or not there was an "Imitation Wizzinator" or an "Unoriginal Wizzinator?"  Although I suppose that "Unoriginal Wizzinator" could be used in reference to Dane Cook.

-Smilin' Jimmy Souhan is. . .actually smilin'?  About. . .the Vikings' quarterback situation?  Really?  Is that one of the seven seals I just heard being opened?

-Randall McDaniel will be enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame in celebration of his career at Arizona State, in which he was almost as dominant as he was in the National Football League.  Also enshrined will be Lou Holtz.  If you plan on attending the ceremony, please be advised if you're in the first couple of rows, you'll be given a Gallagher-style tarp for use during Holtz's induction speech.

-The Ragnarok has some stories up about the Vikings' 2008 Draft, as well as the undrafted free agents that the Beloved Purple are bringing in.

 -Vike Vision is back, as well as a new site called Virginia Viking.  Be sure to check them both out!

That's all for right now, folks.  More tomorrow!