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Pompei: Vikings Nab Best Undrafted Free Agent Class

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Well, it looks like someone on the other side of enemy lines likes what the Beloved Purple did after the draft, as Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune has declared the Vikings' UDFA class as the best in the NFL.

The consensus among NFL scouts is the Chiefs added the most talent in the draft. And the team that added the most talent after the draft was the Vikings.

Because the Vikings had only five picks, they decided to be more aggressive than usual with undrafted free agents, paying as much as $20,000 apiece in bonus money to those players.

A source said the Vikings signed eight undrafted free agents who they rated as draftable: wide receiver Darius Reynaud, guard Drew Radovich, linebackers Erin Henderson and J Leman, safeties Marcus Griffin and Husain Abdullah, and cornerbacks Brandon Sumrall and Marcus Walker.

Don't be surprised if a number of them contribute.

We'll take a closer look this week at which of those free agents have the best chance of making the roster, as well as breaking down the roster as a whole and what we should expect.  I don't know if I'd say that any of the UDFAs are stone cold locks or anything. . .but I'll be very, VERY surprised if we don't have two Hendersons on the roster come early September.

Still not a whole lot written by anyone about the mini-camp.  According to our good pal Mr. Cheer or Die, the Vikings will be having OTAs from 20-22 May, 27-28 May, and a mini-camp from 6-8 June.  Players will then report to training camp on 23 July, with camp formally kicking off on 25 July.

Shoot, I just saw an ad somewhere that says that the NFL preview issues are going to start hitting newsstands in early June.  EARLY. . .JUNE!  It does get earlier every year, doesn't it?  And I'll be at Barnes & Noble looking for them every darn day.  Unless, of course, I order the ones with the Viking-related covers from the various sites.

That's all for tonight, ladies and gentlemen. . .take care, stay off Cedric Benson's boat, and we'll see you back here tomorrow.