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Oh, So THAT'S Why We Didn't Re-Sign Darrion Scott

Former Vikings' DE Darrion Scott. . .with a heavy emphasis on FORMER. . .was formally charged with third degree assault, domestic assault by strangulation, and child endangerment.  The first two are felonies, the last one a gross misdemeanor.  For what, you may be wondering?  Well, according to Kevin Seifert . . .

  • The mother of the child involved reported to police last Monday that she found Scott holding a dry cleaning bag over the boy’s head in Scott’s Eden Prairie townhome. Scott is the boy’s biological father.
  • According to the complaint: “[The mother] walked through the unlocked door and heard [the boy] crying. She reported that the crying was muffled. She went into the room and found [the boy] lying on his back on the floor, kicking his legs, with [Scott] leaning over him. [Scott] has a dry cleaning bag over his head and [Scott] was holding the bag tight around [the boy’s] neck.”
  • Scott told police that the two were playing and that he wantd to see if the boy could get the bag off his head by himself.
  • So yes. . .apparently Darrion Scott's favorite game to play with his 4-year old son is "Can Junior Get the Plastic Bag Off His Head?"  No word on whether or not some of his other favorites include "How Many Of These Lead Paint Chips Can Junior Eat Before He Goes Blind" or "How Long Can Junior Be Held Underwater Before He Goes Limp?"

    If even a little bit of this is true, I hope that he goes away for a long, long time.  And not to some white collar resort, either. . .but instead to. . .well, I'll let my friends explain: