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Bryant McKinnie. . .Ambassador(?)

Well, according to this article, he certainly is:

The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation has welcomed Bryant McKinnie of the Minnesota Vikings as the newest ambassador to the foundation. The foundation was inspired and established by Dr. Nelson Mandela over a decade ago with the help of some of the world's most famous athletes, among them Dan Marino, John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova, Nadia Comaneci, & Gale Sayers.

During the weekend of May 17th in Miami, McKinnie hosted the Laureus Foundation’s Third Annual Celebrity Fundraiser along with NFL Hall of Famer Marcus Allen and Olympic Track and Field Gold Medalist Edwin Moses. More than thirty greats of golf, tennis, football, hockey, and the Olympics joined McKinnie for the fundraiser which, along with the foundation’s golf and tennis invitational, raised more than $150,000 to support the formation of CampInteractive’s South Florida chapter benefitting at-risk teens.


The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation is part of a global movement to help needy children through the positive power of sport, and its mission is to promote and mentor good citizenship among the world's youth. As Dr. Mandela so eloquently stated at the inception of this foundation: “A society can be judged by how it treats its children.” The foundation supports 47 Sport for Good projects worldwide including four in the USA. For information, please see

Because when you think of "promoting good citizenship," isn't Bryant McKinnie the first name that comes to YOUR mind?  Whether it's providing "dancers" with oral pleasure or clubbering someone over the head with a big ol' metal pole (allegedly), very few people in the world of sports exemplify good citizenship more than big #74.  I can only assume that Chris Henry was unavailable.