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Saturday Night Linkage

A few things to read while coming to grips with a world where the Minnesota Twins actually score runs.

-Grant's Tomb (among others) has also noticed the article where Dr. Z. picks the Vikings to win this year's Super Bowl.  Also, the author of Grant's Tomb is from Yellowknife, which is where the first season of the kick-ass show Ice Road Truckers was filmed.  (I can't remember offhand if the second season is there too or not, but I don't think it is.)  Anyway, if you want to catch a really interesting program, Ice Road Truckers is on tomorrow night at 8 PM Central on the History Channel.

Actually, the Dr. Z. thing seems to be the lead story on just about every darn Vikings blog on the internet right now.  So, just a couple of other tidbits for this evening.

-As a part of trimming the roster down to 80 players, the Vikings have released WR Justin Surrency and RB "The Lord Said To Noah, Build Me an" Arkee (Arkee) Whitlock.  (Yes, I was a bible camp counselor when I was 18.  Red Willow Bible Camp, to be precise.  Stop laughing.  DAMN IT I SAID STOP LAUGHING!!)

-Bryant McKinnie has gotten a continuance in his case until 24 September.  Still a chance that all the charges might be dropped.

-The NBA Draft is upcoming.  Check out Canis Hoopus to see how they anticipate Kevin McHale screwing up this year's proceedings for the Timberwolves.  Hey, maybe he'll draft another combo guard. . .lord knows the T-Wolves don't have enough of those!

And that's all for tonight, folks. . .got a new feature for the summer time that I plan on starting tomorrow, so be back to find out exactly what that is.  Until then, have a good rest of your Saturday. . .the hour or so that's left, if you're in the Midwest. . .and we'll see you then!