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EA Sports Really Doesn't Get It

Robert Rence has posted some screen shots of what the Vikings' depth chart looks like in Madden 2009 over in the FanPosts, and it's nice to see so many of the Vikings' players ranked so highly.  But The Viking Age has highlighted something about it that's, basically, a joke.

See if you can guess what all of the following quarterbacks have in common:

Aaron Rodgers
JaMarcus Russell
Joe Flacco
Matt Ryan
Brian Brohm
Alex Smith
Chad Pennington
Jon Kitna
Rex Grossman
Trent Edwards
Josh McCown

Gve up?  There's two things.

1)  All of these quarterbacks are rated higher than Tarvaris Jackson in Madden 2009.
2)  As of right now, none of these quarterbacks are better than Tarvaris Jackson in real life.

Well, I guess the people at EA had to do something to keep the Vikings' overall rating from getting TOO high, huh?  (The Vikings have an overall ranking of 90.)  It's a good thing that the development of players in franchise mode is based on how they perform and not what the people at EA obviously think of a player.

On the bright side, we're all going to be extremely pleased with the jump that Jackson's rating makes from Madden 2009 to Madden 2010.