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Saturday Night Vikings Links

Let's take a look at what the rest of the Vikings' blogosphere is currently talking about while I finish watching the Twins get their heads stomped in for the second night in a row, shall we?

-Grant's Tomb looks at the possibility. . .*shudder*. . .of Artis Hicks starting at left tackle for the Beloved Purple.  (I'll take "things that would suck out loud" for $400 please, Alex.)

-Pacifist Viking gives us a great post about the cynical optimism of Viking fans.  I think it's a post he's done previously.  If it's not, I'll shut up.

-The Ragnarok looks back at the ten best passing seasons in Minnesota Vikings history.  Names you will not see on that list include Sean Salisburry, Gary Cuozzo, and Todd Bouman.  Hopefully I didn't spoil too much there.

-The Viking Age has some rather. . .interesting. . .minicamp questions.

-Vikes Geek examines the Vikings' new "win now" attitude.

-Vikings Valhalla is. . .going through an upgrade.  They'll be back on 16 June.

-Vikings Vixen tips everyone off to a golf tournament hosted by Adrian Peterson.  Also, the site is still very, very pink.

-Vikings War Cry takes a look at the Vikings' Madden ratings, among other things.

Man, it is so great to have so many quality voices in the Viking blogosphere.  I hope that you're checking all of them out as frequently as you're checking out this humble little corner of it.

That's all for tonight, folks. . .don't catch any rides home with Cedric Benson, and we'll see you all back here tomorrow.