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Quick Update

I apologize for the lack of content here on the site yesterday and today.  I've been quite busy at my real world job. . .yes, again. . .and simply haven't had the time to throw anything new up here yet.

Wanted to put a heads-up out there to let everyone know that fantasy football time is fast approaching again already.  The league this year will be a bit different from last year's league. . .it will be on a different platform, for starters.  There will be some other changes as well, but those will be revealed as we get closer to the start of the actual season.

Also, in addition to the fantasy football league, I'm pretty sure we'll be having a picks pool of some sort, and possibly one of those "suicide" pools where you pick one team to win each week and, if they win, you get to continue.  There will be fun and prizes (but mostly fun. . .hell, I'm not rich) for everybody.

So, bear with us here, ladies and gentlemen.  And just think. . .in a little more than three freaking weeks, there will be NFL football once again as the Beloved Purple (and the other 31 less important NFL teams) kick off Training Camp prior to the 2008 NFL season.  With all the excitement that's been building with this team, I simply can't wait for this whole party to officially get underway.  The dead period is almost over.

There will be news again soon, folks. . .oh, yes. . .there will be news.

Tune back in tomorrow when we'll (hopefully. . .fingers crossed) start projecting the defensive side of our 53-man roster.  Until then, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!