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Minnesota Vikings' Pre-Season Broadcast Schedule

Just as they have the past few seasons, the NFL Network will be showing re-broadcasts of the majority of the NFL's pre-season games this year.  They've announced the schedule for said re-broadcasts, so here's what we're looking at for those of us that live outside of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and want to watch the Beloved Purple in all their tape-delayed glory.  All times listed are Central time.

Pre-Season Game 1:  Seahawks at Vikings

Actual Game Date and Time:  Friday, 8 August, 7 PM
NFL Network Re-Broadcasts:  Friday, 8 August, 10:30 PM; Tuesday, 12 August, 11 PM

Pre-Season Game 2:  Vikings at Ravens

Actual Game Date and Time:  Saturday, 16 August, 6:30 PM
NFL Network Re-Broadcasts:  Monday, 18 August, 8 PM; Wednesday, 20 August, 5 AM

Pre-Season Game 3:  Steelers at Vikings

Actual Game Date and Time:  Saturday, 23 August, 7 PM
NFL Network Re-Broadcast:  Doesn't appear as though there will be one (this is the featured game of the week on CBS that week, and I'm guessing the NFL Network is unable to re-air it)

Pre-Season Game 4:  Vikings at Cowboys

Actual Game Date and Time:  Thursday, 28 August, 7 PM
NFL Network Re-Broadcasts:  Thursday, 28 August, 11 PM; Sunday, 31 August, 6 PM

In past years, we've had two different game threads for each pre-season game. . .one for when the game was happening live, and one for when it was shown again on the NFL Network.  However, with the fairly quick turn-around on the Seattle and Dallas games relative to the time they're played live, and that there's one pre-season game that isn't going to be replayed at all, I don't think that's going to continue.

Just think, folks. . .in less than a month, we will be parked in front of our television sets watching the Beloved Purple start their 2008 path of destruction after lo these many months.

That's all for tonight, ladies and gentlemen.  We'll see you back here again tomorrow!